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Local Economic Assessment

Economic Assessment Toolkit

Some of the key information used in the Assessment is available to view in more detail and at small areas. The toolkit allows you to view data at a number of geographical levels; choose a starting point from the buttons below (you can also switch between these from within the toolkit). To understand more about different area types, try our quick guide to geographies.

Visit the Assessment Page for access to the full report, data and details of how it was produced.


Choose from one of the three starting points to start using the toolkit:


Due to the graphics intensive nature of the toolkits, the geographical information cannot currently be presented in an accessible format. However, the data behind the toolkit can be viewed by following the links below:

If you would like to give us feedback on the document or the toolkit then please contact us at or (01522) 550570.


Toolkit User Guide

Video Tutorials

Getting Started (2:19 mins)