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Overview of Health & Wellbeing in Lincolnshire 2019

JSNA Review Programme 2019

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Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Welcome to Lincolnshire's interactive Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), from this home page you will be able to access a range of evidence, data and information about health and wellbeing needs in Lincolnshire.

The JSNA is made up of 36 topics grouped under six theme areas. Each topic page contains a commentary with hyperlinks to a range of national and local evidence sources. The list of topics or individual topic pages can be accessed by either using the 'Topic' tab in the left hand menu or by clicking here. An infographic summary of health and wellbeing in Lincolnshire (2017/18) has been produced, based on the updated evidence in the JSNA. The PDF document is listed in the left hand navigation menu or by clicking here.

In addition to the commentary, a summary has been produced for each topic area for partners and stakeholders to use. The 'Topic on a Page' uses infographics to compare Lincolnshire to the East Midlands and England, looks at trends over time and picks out important information and key messages. The individual PDF documents can be downloaded from the relevant topic page.

Whilst efforts have been made to reduce the use of jargon or highly technical terminology, it is not always possible when dealing with complex issues. A Glossary of terms and abbreviations is also provided to explain or define phrases or terms used in the JSNA. The Glossary can be assessed by either using the Glossary tab in the left hand menu or by clicking here.

Further information on Lincolnshire's approach to the JSNA can be found in the JSNA Policy and Procedure document. This document includes information on roles and responsibilities, the review process, guidance on providing evidence and information on how to request a new JSNA Topic. To view a list of frequently asked questions and to access the Policy and Procedure document either use the 'Guidance & Templates' tab in the left hand menu or click here.

What is the JSNA?

The JSNA is a shared evidence base made up of commentaries and data sources which reports on the key areas of health and wellbeing in Lincolnshire. Each topic area assesses the current picture in Lincolnshire, existing services and looks ahead to potential future level of need to support effective service planning and commissioning.

The requirement to produce a JSNA has been a statutory duty on local authorities and the local NHS since 2007. The Health and Care Act 2012 further enhanced this duty by placing specific responsibilities on local authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups through the Lincolnshire Health and Wellbeing Board to publish a JSNA and to use it to identify the priorities for the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWS).

How has the JSNA been developed?

The JSNA is facilitated by Lincolnshire Public Health and brings together a range of experts from partner organisations including Lincolnshire County Council, the four Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Groups, Healthwatch Lincolnshire, NHS Providers, District Councils and representatives from the voluntary and community sector to ensure evidence is gathered which reflects the key health and wellbeing issues in Lincolnshire.

The JSNA, in its current format, was relaunched in 2017 following a comprehensive review during 2016. The review followed engagement with key stakeholders during autumn 2015 which led to a number of changes to the focus and structure of the JSNA.

How will we keep the JSNA current?

The JSNA is the shared evidence base for Lincolnshire; which not only underpins the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy but is also a crucial commissioning tool to support service planning and delivery. It is therefore essential that the JSNA is kept under constant review, and improvements made to ensure it contains the latest information and evidence which reflects the changing needs of Lincolnshire's population.

Our vision & principles:

  • Current - the JSNA is a continuous and iterative process of review. We will therefore put in place a rolling programme of review to ensure each topic area is refreshed and updated as new data and evidence becomes available. Click here to view the 2019 Annual Review Programme.
  • Accessible – the JSNA will continue to be made available to all stakeholders as an online resource and we will continue to seek feedback to identify ways of further improving access to the JSNA.
  • Relevant – to ensure the JSNA remains relevant we will work with partners to fill any gaps in our knowledge by identifying new topic areas or undertaking calls for evidence.
  • Partner Driven – the JSNA is a shared evidence base and not the sole responsibility of one organisation – partnership working is crucial. We will actively seek feedback and provide opportunities for partners to engage in the JSNA process and a range of mechanisms will be used to keep people informed of changes or updates.
  • Embedded – for the JSNA to be effective it needs to be embedded within organisational processes and for there to be a clear link between the use of the JSNA and commissioning decisions. To share learning and promote greater engagement in the JSNA we will encourage partners to share case studies and examples on how the JSNA was been used.

Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy

The Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWS) is a document that aims to inform and influence decisions about the commissioning and delivery of health and social care services in Lincolnshire so that they are focused on the needs of the people who use them and tackle the factors that affect everyone's health and wellbeing.

The production of the JHWS is a legal requirement under the 2012 Health and Social Care Act, and responsibility for producing it rests with the Lincolnshire Health and Wellbeing Board.

During 2017, the Health and Wellbeing Board reviewed the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy using the updated JSNA as the primary evidence base. As part of the process, a series of engagement events and opportunities took place in early summer 2017 to gather the views and insights of key stakeholders, partners and the public.

Following this extensive engagement the Health and Wellbeing Board signed off its new Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Lincolnshire in June 2018. Details on the new JHWS can be here.

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