• Evidence BaseA round up of the various reports and analysis that have informed the GLLEPs Strategic Economic Plan.
  • Employer SurveyHeadlines and themed reports based on results from the 2014 GLLEP Employer Survey.
  • Priority SectorsAll the latest data and information relating to the GLLEPs core and emerging sectors.

Greater Lincolnshire LEP

The Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (GLLEP) was formed in response to the Governments call in 2010 for businesses and local authorities to come together to form local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) whose geography properly reflected the natural economic areas of England.

The GLLEP covers the local authority area of Lincolnshire County Council, and the unitary authority areas of North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire, forming the historic area of Greater Lincolnshire. It is a partnership between the private and public sector, led by the private sector, with the aim of improving infrastructure and the conditions for doing business.

This site provides an economic evidence base for the GLLEP, Lincolnshire County Council, other local authorities, private sector organisations and businesses, and the public, via the provision of tailored information from across the Lincolnshire Research Observatory site and signposting to other external resources. This way all those working towards driving sustainable economic growth in the Greater Lincolnshire area have access to the same resources, ensuring that any strategies, policies, and decision making are all informed by the same information.