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The Lincolnshire Quarterly Economic Survey

The Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) is a local survey of Lincolnshire businesses which provides an invaluable source of current local business intelligence used both nationally and locally.

Part of a British Chamber of Commerce national survey, the results are often reported in the media and used by various government and statutory bodies as important indicators of business performance and sentiment.

Join the QES Panel

The more businesses who join the panel and respond to the survey regularly, the more useful and robust the economic intelligence gained from the results. Take part and you will:

  • Help build an informed picture of the local economy
  • Provide vital business intelligence to support local planning and strategy
  • Influence local decisions about priorities and funding
  • Influence the direction of central government policy and regulations
  • Inform central government of the local impact of national policy


After joining the panel, you will be sent an e-mail invitation every quarter. You can request for your details to be removed from the database at any time by e-mail.

If you have any feedback, questions or comments on the latest or past Quarterly Economic Surveys please e-mail us.

Who completes the survey?

The survey is completed online each quarter by businesses based in Lincolnshire. Survey panel members are invited to complete the survey by e-mail which includes a link to the online survey. The survey, which takes about 10-15 minutes to complete, asks for information about performance, recruitment, skills, issues of concern, and future prospects. None of the information requested requires disclosure of detailed figures.

Details of businesses which take part in the survey are not shared with anyone else and data is presented in a format which ensures individual responses cannot be traced back to the responding business, so it is completely confidential.

The survey is open to business of all shapes and sizes from sole traders to multi-national corporations and from private enterprises to statutory bodies and charities. The only proviso is that your business, or an office or unit of your business, is based in the county of Lincolnshire.

Who runs the survey?

The survey is undertaken by the Lincolnshire County Council Research and Information Team in partnership with the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce and the University of Lincoln.

The Research and Information Team run the survey, including administering the panel data base, managing the fieldwork, and reporting and analysing the data from the survey. The University of Lincoln and the Chamber of Commerce provide further contextual interpretation of the results, and take a lead in promoting participation in the survey and publicising the results.

How are results reported and used?

Anonymised survey results are shared with the British Chamber of Commerce, Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, the University of Lincoln, Lincolnshire's District Councils and Lincolnshire County Council.

Informing National Policy and Decision Making

Local results are reported by the British Chamber of Commerce and form part of their national survey, the results of which are often reported in the national media and inform national debate on the economy.

The survey is seen as an important economic indicator so the results are also picked up by government and statutory bodies such as the Bank of England, HM Treasury, and the Office of Budget Responsibility, and used to inform policy and decision making at national level.

Informing Local Decision-Making

The Research and Information Team regularly report the survey results at various forums including the Economy and Culture Scrutiny Committee (Lincolnshire County Council Members), Regional Bank of England Meetings (between the regional representative of the Bank of England and local businesses), the Financial Intermediary Forum (a meeting of representatives of local banking accountancy and finance related businesses), and District Council Economic Regeneration Lead Officers meetings.

Results are also used to support economic research which in turn is used to support decision making at both local and regional level. Findings have been used in a number of research papers, briefings and presentations to the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership to inform their decision making and the development of the Strategic Economic Plan.